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Designer Salvatore Guarneri


Nuovo Dispositivo di allarme brevettato in Italia UIBM GE2013A000026

Pubblicazione Internazionale PCT  link WO2014131501A1

Numero Brevetto 0001416252


Motor vehicle alarm device designed and implemented with the aim of solving problems caused by the cloning of remote control access codes as well as radio frequency jammers.

The system neutralizes the reception of encrypted codes fraudulently cloned and not emitted by the devices supplied with the vehicle.

The vehicle is enabled to only identify the controls emitted by the transmitters associated to alarm system.

Doors are only opened with the keys supplied with the vehicle and integrated into the alarm system.

when the new alarm system detect the codes cloned during the attempt of theft, a series of (programmable) allarms are immediately triggered, enabling different type of activations, e.g. acoustic alarm and flash lights, GPS localization with phone call, sending of SMS, etc.

The system is subject to a continuous technological development within the main features of the patent.

Why safe?

  • Management alarm device by wirless communication.
  • Management system by remote applications.
  • Anti-Jammer protection with self closing doors.
  • Anti-Cloning protection with cloned conds neutralization.
  • GPS-GSM.
  • Activation and/or deactivation of all the devices by customization remote system.

Design development

The device has been developped and optimized for the car market, but it can be also implemented in different ways:
  • Engineered and installed during the car assembly, so it become a component of car, with the alarm control into the key.
  • Engineered for cars alrready on the market.
  • Engineered for insurance market (Black Box, GPS, Tracker, etc...).

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